Wine rack for a restaurant (case 5)

Wine rack for a restaurant (case 5)

Today, we would like to share a story of how we designed a wine rack for one of the restaurants in Moscow. This project is interesting as the customer challenged us with a number of offbeat requirements that prompted us to come up with some unconventional solutions.

The task and solutions

The customer wanted to have an ideal place where both red and white wines could be stored and prepared for serving. Since white wines are usually served more chilled than red ones, it was necessary to provide different types of wine with the appropriate storage temperatures. The design of the storage system was of crucial importance, as it was planned to be placed right in the showroom. What’s more, the wine rack had to be locked, so the access to the bottles could only be given to the sommelier.

Based on these requirements, we prepared six layouts of the wine room. Two of them involved a large rack with two sections for different types of wine. The four others contained various options of wine racks that were smaller in size. They were intended to be put in the room in twos, one rack for the red and another for the white. Eventually, it was decided to place two racks along the wall behind the bar counter, both glassed, housing 224 bottles each.

Wine rack

The wine racks are glassed on three sides, which makes it possible to maintain a permanent microclimate inside, looks modern and doesn’t obstruct the view. The rack has a lock opened by a smart key. The smart card is only held by the sommelier who can quickly open the door by touching it to the reader.

A couple of words about the cooling system

The cooling system units were built-in and placed in the upper part of the racks, just above the glassed cabinets. It is an unconventional but ergonomic solution, as the bottles are easier picked from the lower shelves than the upper ones. And besides, such a placement of cooling units is better in terms of the heat-exchanging properties.

Wine rack

Internal units of the climate control system were hidden by the wooden lining. The brass mesh provides unobstructed release of air at the same time performing a decorative function. The external units of each rack’s refrigeration sets were mounted outside, behind the wall.

Design and the overall result

The wine racks of light wood are made in the classical style and, thus, ideally suit the interior of the restaurant. Tall enough, they make the ceiling look higher. The racks are comprised of modules with various configurations: with diagonal compartments, guide frames for the bottles and diagonal shelves dividing the module into two segments. The variety of modules used and their well-thought-out layout gives the racks their exquisite and elegant look.

Wine rack

Inside the modules, there is a LED-lighting system that serves as another eye-catching element of the design and makes it easier to find the right bottle. The customer won’t have to wait for their wine too long.

The wine rack for 448 bottles is a jewel of the restaurant. But what’s most important, it provides appropriate storage conditions and guarantees that the drinks will be chilled to the degree that is required for the best taste and flavor of both red and white wine. We can claim with all confidence that this design project proved to be excellent.

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