Wine room in a detached house (case 2)

Wine room in a detached house (case 2)

This project in an area near Moscow proved to be a real challenge. The wine room turned out to be outstanding and memorable. You can have a look at the first case in our portfolio if you follow this link. Let us share a couple of details elaborated within this design project.

Wine room. The beginning of work

A visit to space revealed some peculiarities that allowed us to work out an original and practical solution. We will dwell on it a bit further on.

The wine room was decided to be arranged in the living room that is originally in the basement. We realized that by separating a part of the room from the rest with a wall we can create a fully-fledged room for storing wine – with the necessary climatic equipment taking care of the appropriate temperature and humidity, specialised furniture and relevant decor.

Our specialists took all measurements, prepared the drawing and came up with a few solutions for the wine room. The first one was intended for 272 bottles, the second one – for 393 and the third – for 498 bottles of wine. The customer was told about the particulars of each and every solution. Eventually, the first option was chosen, with a few slight corrections so the room could store 280 bottles of the noble drink.

The next step was to provide the visualization. Professionals had to create a photograph of how the finished room would look. Space was visualized both from the inside with the detailed view of all the particulars: furniture, illumination and finishing materials – as well as from the outside with its exterior look. The latter showed how much more favourable the entrance would look if the door was made of glass and the shelves were placed on either side of it.

wine room

Wine room. Design

Among the most vital tasks to keep in mind while designing a wine room is to think of the heating insulation and the layout of utilities. The first of the two tasks was quite straightforward with a standard solution. The second one deserves a bit more attention: it is indeed the practicable solution we have announced a bit earlier.

So, the drawing shows the air conditioning unit but there is no external part of it! At the same time, it performs its function with great efficiency. How was that made possible? The thing is, the air conditioning unit was placed on the wall that adjoins the storeroom. The cool air is taken from the storeroom to be later discharged there again.

wine room

The drawing also shows the drainage system which discharges the moisture that accumulates on the inside of the air conditioning due to the temperature difference straight into the canalisation. The drainage is equipped with a siphon trap. Why use it? In case the air conditioning is off, and the drainage pipe dries out, there can be an odour coming from the canalisation. The siphon traps the smell in. In our opinion, it is a clever engineering solution!

Wine room. Installation and finishing works

One of the most rewarding stages of work on the project is to see what used to only exist on paper gradually turn into reality. There appeared a wall, the wires and utilities were laid, the finishing works were performed. Finally, in the most careful manner to keep the polished surfaces intact, we mounted the furniture for storage of bottles: the wine racks consisting of 18 modules.

All modules, cornices and additional walls are very firm, lined with oak veneer. This variety of modules used not only makes the wine racks look impressive but also allows for the convenience of wine storage. The most valuable items are displayed on the inclined shelves, either open or locked behind the doors decorated with luxurious carvings.

Those wines that are intended for long-term storage are recommended to be kept on the top shelves, whereas the drinks that are to be used in the nearest future should be placed on the bottom shelves where they are within easy reach. The module with the smooth wooden doors is equally perfect for storing wine inside, as well as glasses, carafes and other accessories. In addition, to keep the accessories, cigars, and small cases of wine bottles, there is a bottom module with two open shelves. The wine rack turned out to be functional, looking beautiful and posh. Just take a look at how nicely the decorative brick walls match the mesh-like structure of the open shelves.

wine room

Illumination is put in place. Ready! The customer accepts the work. He was happy, so were we, as we built a great “home” for another wine collection: gorgeous, convenient and, above all, providing for perfect wine storage conditions.

Are you thinking of designing a wine room of your own? Fill in the questionnaire on our website and in just two days we will get back to you with a draft design.

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