Wine room in the basement (case 1)

Wine room in the basement (case 1)

The first wine room we designed was in the basement of a detached house. It proved to be an ideal place for a cosy nook to store the wine in.

It is always easier to maintain the required storage temperature and humidity in an enclosed space, and the light may only be switched on when needed, which is good for wine maturation.

In this article, we’ll be looking at a customised solution we prepared for one of our clients.

Wine room. The beginning of works

A week before we met the customer, we talked with the house manager. He showed us the space which the customer was planning to convert into a wine room.

A closer look at the space and utilities revealed a two-sided situation. On the one hand, the engineering systems were installed thoroughly and professionally. On the other hand, they were fully autonomous operating independently of one another.

Just imagine a TV set with a whole lot of additional devices and heaps of remote controls that nobody can make sense of. That was the first thing we decided to figure out.


In order to create such functional spaces, one has to go through two stages of design:

  • heat insulation and layout of utilities
  • finishing works and installation of furniture.

The first stage had already been completed during the house construction. The main novelty we came up with was the simple and user-friendly logic behind the engineering systems that work together as one. That is why the installation of furniture was put aside.

Here are a few examples of how systems can interact with one another. When the customer is leaving the wine room, the bottles in both hands make it tricky to switch off the light. So it was decided to opt out of the regular switch, the light would turn on smoothly once the owner enters the room and turn off once he/she leaves.

If the door is left ajar for longer than three minutes, the buzzer goes off to let the owner know that the door hasn’t been closed. The buzzer can be disabled, for example, during the cleaning. Also, every time the door opens, it switches off the air conditioning system – this way there is a lower risk of catching a cold.

All in all, the logic of the wine room operation is comprised of 48 different scenarios, which makes it easy to run all systems and control all functions of the wine room.

Selecting furniture

After the control system was programmed, we went on to select the furniture. Architects prepared and we offered four solutions for the wine room with the detailed layout of each in view. Video presentations can keep the customer informed of ideas even if he/she is at the other end of the world.

wine room

Then the options were discussed and a storage system was formed based on the ideas from all the four solutions. At the same time we continued elaborating on the colour of the furniture complex and bricks. Of the 12 available options worked out as a result of discussions, we singled out the brushed oak with the ageing effect and natural oil coating.


Then we made a photorealistic model of the room using all approved materials. Thanks to the ‘Keyhole’ augmented reality software, the future owner of the wine room can see what the space will look like even before the works have started.

Проект винной в цоколе фото

As soon as the view was approved, we launched the finishing works and programmed the equipment. While the concrete walls on the construction site were being finished, the furniture went into production at our facility.

Installation of the wine room

At last, we started to fit it all into the prepared space.

Despite the great number of challenges – production of the inside panel for the existing door, angular shape of the space, installation of furniture in accordance with the floor lights, etc. – the final result came as a delight to us and the customer!

Go to the relevant section of our website and fill in the questionnaire so we can design a wine room for you.

Have a glance at the photos of this wine room. They are worth it!

wine room

wine room

wine room

wine room

wine room

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