Standard design projects by “Wine-storing” (review)

Standard design projects by “Wine-storing” (review)

Standard designs by the “Wine-storing” appeared as a result of a few years of work on creation of wine rooms. We figured out which features in wine rooms are usually favoured by our customers, as well as which suggestions are most often approved. As a result, we have developed four standard design projects for rooms with different configurations and properties well-suited to collections of different size. Standard designs don’t imply that they are one-size-fits-all. Each standard design is just a basis for an individually developed wine room that will suit your every need; it simply facilitates the choice of design and layout of modules. In this article, we are going to dwell on them in a bit more detail; we hope it will make your choice easier.

Standard design projects for wine rooms. Size and configuration

The standard modular systems have self-explanatory names: “Mini 136”, “Corner-233”, “Stand-396” and “Magnum-834”. The number in the name stands for an average number of bottles that the room is going to house. The exact number can vary depending on the chosen modules. For this reason, “Mini 136” and “Corner-233” are suitable for comparatively small collections, whereas “Stand-396” will hold an enoteca of medium size and “Magnum-834” will be perfect for really big wine collections. It is worth noting that “Corner-233” is a corner system, whereas the rest of the standard systems are installed along a wall.


“Mini 136” can fit into space with the area of 3-3.5 sq m. An area of about 3.5 sq m (namely, 1.7 m by 1.7 m) will be required for the installation of “Corner-233”. “Stand-396” requires a space of 10 sq m, and “Magnum-834” won’t fit anywhere smaller than 20 sq m.


Of course, the systems can be combined with one another, and the modules of one can be freely used with another or installed separately. For example, it is possible to have two “Mini” systems mounted with a wine table in between. Or, in case there is some space along one of the walls left after the “Corner” system has been mounted, it can be used for a “Mini”, “Stand” or a combination of separate modules.

Standard design projects. Modules in more detail

The standard options imply that “Mini 136” has a wine storage system that consists of 11 modules, “Corner-233” – of 16 modules, “Stand-396” – of 26 modules, and “Magnum-834” – of 44 modules. All systems except for “Mini” have modules with roll-out shelves, and “Mini 136”, as well as “Magnum-834”, are both equipped with glass holders and a table. It is convenient for putting a bottle and glasses on and sitting down at while talking to a friend or the life partner.


All systems comprise the following modules:

  • with diagonal shelves;
  • with inclined storage of bottles;
  • with bottles resting on guide frames;
  • with bottles stored immediately in the drawers.

“Corner-233” and “Magnum-834” have modules with doors that are decorated with elegant bas-reliefs. “Corner” has 1 such module, whereas “Magnum” enjoys 2. “Stand-396” has drawers and really interesting modules with diagonally placed compartments for each bottle.


Overall advantages of all standard design projects for wine rooms

  • Material. Module systems are made of natural wood and equipped with multi-tier LED lighting. The finishing materials for walls, floors and ceilings of wine rooms that we offer comprise two types of artificial stone, board or parquet flooring with the Calvados oak colour pattern, basalt tiles and quartzite-like tiles. The heat insulating material normally used is moisture-resistant, non-flammable, hypoallergenic glass ceramics.
  • Colour pattern. Every wine room can be designed in one of the five colour schemes: “White oak”, “Natural”, “Walnut”, “Classic”, “Fumed oak”. It is also possible to have the module system produced in any other customised colour to suit the customer’s desire.
  • Climate control equipment, lights, and accessories. Our specialists will offer lights and accessories appropriate to the style and colour scheme of the module system, including the knobs on the drawers, bottle openers, etc. When needed, we can select and install an air-conditioning system or a split system that would be perfectly suitable for your wine room.
  • Just about perfect wine storage conditions. Compartments and shelves for horizontal long-term storage of bottles, with an optional system for maintenance of the appropriate temperature and humidity, all contribute to the better storage of the drink without any worries for its preservation.
  • Durability. Made of solid wood, the module system will serve well without any need for replacement or repairing in dozens of years to come.
  • Posh appearance.Whichever of the four systems you choose and however different it ends up from the initially suggested variant, it will look expensive and posh anyway.

Our standard wine room designs are all well-thought-out solutions, each of which can be a basis for a uniquely developed wine room that will ideally suit your house and your collection of wine.

Prices for the products we offer can be checked on the “Wine-storing” website.

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