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Convenient storage

We have designed a module system for storing wine. From a set of standard elements, you can quickly and easily choose those that will make up your ideal customized wine room. Each room is offered in five colors patterns; thanks to a combination of natural materials and oak lining, the furniture can be used at different levels of humidity. We use our own tested and patented technology of wall insulation and water-proofing with application of glass ceramics. Multi-level lighting of wine racks makes it possible to adjust the lighting conditions in the room. We offer an all-in-one solution with all relevant accessories and finishing materials.

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Модульная система для хранения вина


We have all our modules ready and the algorithms of work in place. It takes 10 days to complete a full design of a wine room that will accommodate your every wish.

More Details on Design

We have all our modules ready and the algorithms of work in place


To have a clear idea how the price is set, you can look at some examples of designed wine rooms with detailed quotation.

Total capacity 834 bottles
Magnum 834
Price 1 869 571,88 RUB
Total capacity 396 bottles
Stand 396
Price 1 217 551,96 RUB
Total capacity 233 bottles
Corner 233
Price 709 949,20 RUB
Total capacity 136 bottles
Mini 136
Price 477 385,40 RUB


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You can download our constructor or run it online and assemble your wine room by yourself


We take measurements, deliver and assemble our items all around the world.


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We have a fine display of samples of wine racks, color schemes and other pieces of equipment and finishing materials.